How Does a Gen-Z Millionaire Spend His Day: FX Trader Aman Momin Takes Us For a Ride

22-year-old Aman Momin started trading at 18. He became a self-made millionaire at 20, at a time when the entire world faced with a deadly virus and had to stay at home. At 22, he is teaching other traders how to trade at their best performance to yield the best profit. His life does not revolve around college finals, or a 9-to-5 office job like that of many 20-somethings. A typical day of a Gen-Z millionaire and FX trainer looks-well- eccentric.

Aman’s work starts nearly at 02.30 EDT. Since he is currently trading on London FX market, his day is structured around London opening hours. Then, until 6 a.m. in the morning, Aman does live trading, interpreting instant fluctuations, observing the change of balance in currency pairs and so on. He dedicates at least three whole hours of undivided focus to trading every day, without taking long breaks. Aman’s hours may seem short, but each second of them are no doubt spent productively with a full commitment. Around 6:30-7 am is when he finally goes to sleep. Although his work life might sound quite chaotic to some people, Aman Momin says the return is well worth the irregular sleeping schedule. When he talks about ROI (return on investment), he says, “In trading, the more you trade with, the more you make in return. In my life, it is the same too; I put in a bigger sacrifice than some, but then again, I receive a larger return than some. It is all about the trade-off.” Aman is also running a training company called Elite Capital, where he teaches other traders how to trade lucratively. His mission is basically helping more people quit their day jobs and learn to make profit in forex trading. Thus, once his day starts around 1 pm in the afternoon, he starts taking 1-on-1 calls with his trainees, doing live Q&A’s, or preparing new courses of economic science .

Is all a self-made Gen-Z millionaire does just hustle 24/7? Absolutely not. Aman Momin is pretty good at keeping a healthy work/life balance. After Aman is done with his full day of trading & training, he enjoys taking out his McLaren for a breezy ride. In fact, Aman is part of a supercar owners club in Atlanta, where he is widely praised as the youngest supercar owner in the state of Georgia. Moreover, his newfound passion is joining car rallies alongside his supercar club, relishing the fruits of his hard work in his dream car. At night, Aman also likes to go out and try new restaurants in his area with his close circle of friends who are all fellow entrepreneurs like him. He firmly believes that keeping like-minded people close is important, as you can always pick each other’s brains on business side of things, have a second pair of eyes go over a certain project, or ask for advice on sectors you have little or no experience in.

As a self-made millionaire of such a young age, Aman Momin spent the past four years working hard but also working smart. He has accumulated a solid wealth thanks to his intelligent

trading strategy, and now he is planning to venture out to enrich his real estate portfolio and starting a hedge fund. With so much to do ahead, though, Aman Momin has a lot more time to travel around the world while working from his laptop since he has consolidated his business over the years. At the height of his career, he is still only 22 years-old, with great potential to grow his business while training prospective traders to build their own wealth through FX trading.

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